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Aleksandra Caldovic


Aleksandra Caldovic is a painter, illustrator, mosaicists, and designer. During her work, her painting style changed as she experimented with different theories, materials, textures, and techniques: predominantly abstract expressionism, and late 19th-century styles, trying to create a mixture of modern and Traditional art. Aleksandra attended high school for design and after that, University of applied arts, department: Wall painting.

With figure painting, she expresses struggling thoughts and emotions, intertwined with fantasies and moments of relief, which gives a pleasure of its own in a world of inner beauty and of joyful sorrow. On some paintings, women appear as if they are made of bronze or stone, yet on the others as if their wet skin reflects the light in the summer sun. They are sensual, fragile, gentle, indecisive sometimes; everything opposite of a modern woman who must be as strong as a man, but deep inside frustrated trying to be everything at the same time: a businesswoman, a tough competitor, but also a loving mother.

Landscape and cityscape are usually made as diptychs, like a sight through an imaginary window frame – distant horizon, wide sky with massive clouds, imaginary wind in the field of wheat... She wants to project the feeling that people get when meditating.