2018 • Greatest Latin American Artists, FEMSA Collection. Wheel and wheel. Santiago de Chile, Chile.

2017 • Associazione culturale Progetto 7LUNE. Frida Khalo. Italy, Venezia.

2015 • The piece "Columpio" of the SONIDO SILENTE work, becomes part of the artistic collection of the MUSA, Museum of Arts of the University of Guadalajara.

2014 • Participation in the twenty-year MUSA exhibition at the Museum of Arts of the University of Guadalajara.

2012 • SOUND SILENT exhibition, Museum of Arts (MUSA), University of Guadalajara. Jalisco Mexico.

2011 • ARTE / SANO Exhibition ÷ ARTISTS 2.0, Museum of Popular Art (MAP). Mexico City. Traveling work.

2011 • Collective Exhibition 100 Years of Abstraction, Country Club Guadalajara. Jalisco Mexico.

2011 • Collective Exhibition Civil Engineering College of Guadalajara. Jalisco Mexico.

2011 • Collective Exhibition Electric Urban Train, Ministry of Culture of Jalisco. Mexico.

2008 • Selection and exhibition FEMSA Selection, in the Old School of San Ildefonso, Mexico, DF

2008 • FEMSA Selection Exhibition, Jesús Gallardo Gallery; Leon, Guanajuato. Mexico.

2007 • Acquisition of the "Rueda y Rueda" Work for the collection of the FEMSA Foundation. Traveling work.

2007 • Selection and Exhibition at the VIII Monterrey FEMSA Biennial.

2006 • Casa Vallarta Exhibition. University of Guadalajara. Jalisco Mexico.

2005 • Exhibition at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.

2005 • Collective Exhibition Center of Modern Art of Guadalajara Jalisco.

2004 • Shabat Collective Exhibition Mexico-Israel Cultural Center Historical Center DF Curated by Edgardo Won Kim.

2002 • Zero Point Individual Exhibition San Ángel Cultural Center. Mexico. DF

• Individual Exhibition The Ibero-American Culture Identity Institute of Literature and Linguistics, José Antonio Portuondo Valdor Havana, Cuba.

• Painting workshop with Maestro Alfonso Mena Pacheco.

• Encaustic workshop with Maestro Saúl Caminer.

• Engraving workshop with Master Nunik Sauret.

• Performance workshop with Master Elvira Santamaría.

2001 • Collective Exhibition Identity Defenders University Cork Ireland

• Collective Exhibition Defenders of their identity Residence of the Embassy of Mexico in Dublin.

• Drawing workshop with Maestro José Luis Cuevas.

2000 • Installation Workshop with Master Betsabeé Romero

• Workshop on Abstract Art - Universidad Iberoamericana

• Painting workshop with Master Gabriel Macotela

1999 • Collective Exhibition Son Acetatos Gallery Unodosiete México DF

1998 • Collective Exhibition Winged Guardians Museo del Carmen San Ángel. Mexico DF


 • Individual Exhibition Absence of Spirit House Museum López Portillo. Guadalajara Jalisco.

• Individual Exhibition Absence of Spirit at Colegio del Aire Zapopan, Jalisco.

 • Collective Exhibition 6 Women 6 Operas Galería Esquina de Bodegas. Ensenada, Baja California

1997 • Solo Exhibition Consuelo Velázquez Galería Esquina de Bodegas. Ensenada, Baja California.

• Collective Exhibition International Airport of Toluca, State of Mexico

• Mudejar Art Collective Exhibition Culture House of Puebla, Puebla, Puebla.

1996 • Mudejar Art Collective Exhibition University of Granada, Spain.

• Collective Exhibition Mudejar Art Cervantes Institute of Fes Morocco.

• Ecology and Art Collective Exhibition Torre del Reloj Gallery Mexico City

• World Day of the Environment Collective Exhibition in Atlacomulco, Edo. Mexico.

• Collective Exhibition House of Culture of Tlalpan, Mexico City

1995 • Mexican Painters Exhibition Illustrates Hebrew Poetry Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

• Mexican Painters Exhibition Illustrates Hebrew Poetry University of Tel Aviv, Israel.

• Collective Exhibition Mexican Painters Illustrate Hebraic Poetry Museum of Allende, SM Allende, Guanajuato.

• Agua Centro Cultural Veracruzano Collective Exhibition, Mexico, DF

• Collective Exhibition Interlomas Huixquilucan Shopping Center, State of Mexico.

• Course Language of Painting Cultural Center Contemporary Art.

1994 • Collective Exhibition Poemas Hebraicos Cultural Institute Mexico Israel, Mexico City

• Hebrew Poetry Collective Exhibition People's Hall of the Municipal Palace of Tlalnepantla Edo de Mex.

• Drawing Course of the Human Body, Contemporary Art Cultural Center.

1993 • Drawing and Painting Work, in a private workshop.

1992 • Re-election (President of the Women's Satellite Cultural Circle)

• Individual Exhibition Lo Nuestro Secretary of the National Defense México DF

• Article Magazine Memories of the Ministry of National Defense.

1991 • Individual Exhibition of Recent Work Organization of the United Nations, Mexico.

1989 • Private Workshop Work.

1988 • Private Workshop Work.

1987 • San Carlos National School of Plastic Arts. Maestro Sergio Hernández.

• Painting contest, International Airport of Mexico City. First place

1986 • National Painting Contest, SEDENA. First place.

1985 • Painting contest, International Airport of Mexico City, DF First place.

1984 • Individual Exhibition. Mexican American Cultural Center. Guadalajara Jal.