By Aleksandra Caldovic

Feelings of relief and acceptance. Accepting the world, yourself and the people you love. Overcoming prejudice and discrimination. A constant battle, but with hope and serenity.

Feminism is often described as being aggressive, misandric or biased against men. I see it differently. Critics say that a lot of women are trying to be like men, without understanding the reasons behind this. Being treated as mere sexual objects, women are victims of sexism. Trying to avoid these kinds of traumatic experiences, some women reject femininity, not because they want to be like men, but because they are afraid of being women.

In my paintings, I am giving women the opportunity to view and respect themselves as sensual, feminine and sensitive, and not only that but also as brave, strong, dignified and intelligent human beings. I am giving men the opportunity to see visualizations of women in a more complex way than just erotic and sexual, rather attractive in a different way, as persons and human beings with a freedom to be sensual and not having a guilty conscience about that.

147in x 102in

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